2C FP System meets highest Requirements for Corrosion Protection

The 2C fluoropolymer coating system from Monopol Colors meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12944 for the corrosivity category C5 vh, which corresponds to a protection period of more than 25 years – i.e. «very high». This means that steel in a highly corrosive atmosphere is not only optimally protected against corrosion but, thanks to the modern fluoropolymer technology, the color shade and gloss are also preserved for decades against chalking and changes in color. A further advantage of this coating is that just 40 µm of top coat is enough to provide effective protection from weather-related deterioration of film thickness.

Monopol Colors covers the corrosivity classes C1 to C5 with just five products. This gives planners and coaters maximum flexibility when planning corrosion protection work.

Monopol Colors protects the Lehner Versand Extension – both inside and out 

It all started in the year that the Corona pandemic broke out. While other companies were forced to cut jobs due to the crisis, Lehner Versand was able to fill a total of 50 new positions in 2021. As early as December 2020, the first of two additions to the fully automated warehouse in Schenkon (LU) was submitted for planning approval. Since then, a lot has happened at the mail order company.

Together with our partner SM Bau from Zuzwil, the Lehner Versand building project was completed at the end of 2021. The mail order company is now optimally protected inside and out with Monopol Colors. But what does this actually mean? The exterior was not only equipped with photovoltaic panels over an area of 1210 square metres, but now also gleams with a new aluminium façade. This façade is protected against wind, weather and UV radiation with our premium 2C fluoropolymer system Vernidur FP in satin finish in NCS S 7010 R90B as well as NCS 6010 R90B.

The steel construction of the building was a challenging undertaking for SM Bau. This was because it had to be assembled at a height of 29 metres. So in order to be able to work as quickly and economically as possible, the single-layer polyurethane paint Bilacryl PU Steelcolor in RAL 7004 (signal grey) was used for corrosion protection. This also provides optimum protection for the interior of the extension.

A Tribute to our long-time Production Colleague Hermann Schneider

Farewells always go hand in hand with emotions. This was also true when we said goodbye to our long-time production colleague Hermann Schneider. He worked in our filling plant for almost 20 years. Even though it is almost impossible to summarise everything that has happened in these 20 years, we will give it a go.

While others were working in the office, one of your core competences was carrying buckets through the halls of Monopol Colors. It’s a job that pushes some people to their physical limits. We can’t quantify how many tons of paint ultimately passed through your hands. But the fact is that we couldn’t have managed it so well without you.

As one chapter closes, a new one is opening. We really hope that you will enjoy your time with your daughter to the fullest and use your well-deserved holiday in the USA to reflect on the past years. We will miss you very much as the “perfect employee” with your “cow mooing”. For us, you will remain an “original”, the likes of which are rarely found in a company today. Thank you for the time we spent together, dear Hermi.

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