Benedikt Suter

If like me you grew up around Fislisbach, you know Monopol – it’s as simple as that. The building stands right by the access road to Baden, and as a teenager from the country that’s where you want to be as soon as possible – in the city. So you automatically go past Monopol.

I qualified as a polymechanic. Years ago I started at Monopol in Operations Maintenance, and now I head up Production. Put simply, I am responsible for seeing that the goods ordered by a customer are ready when requested and can be delivered on time. This is certainly not always easy, because our paints go through at least a dozen separate operations. So at times there can be a glitch somewhere. What is needed at such moments? Certainly experience, the telephone too – and of course strong nerves. Luckily I usually seem to be able to keep calm, even in hectic situations.

In manufacturing, you work with a great deal of technology every day. But also with people. I believe it is this mix that makes my job so interesting and varied. On one hand you make sure things «click» in the team and the targets are met, on the other hand I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve processes and workflow. Speed of delivery and costs, these are the issues that interest the customer in the final analysis; in manufacturing we can make a significant contribution to getting them right.

As mentioned earlier, I grew up in the region, on a farm. My favourite color is therefore green – light green, to be precise.

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