Boston Logan International Airport Modernisation – “Boston Red” for the new Terminal E

Boston Airport’s Terminal E is becoming the iconic terminal for international air travel. In 2017, the Massachusetts Port Authority Massport awarded luis vidal + architects for the visionary and conceptual and AECOM as the architect of record to modernise the 44-year-old international air terminal. The new terminal, already celebrated for its unique architecture, will open in August 2023. Monopol Colors also had its colors in play.

Spatial clarity, coupled with intuitive orientation and an unprecedented use of color, will have future travelers departing or arriving through Boston Logan Airport in raptures. Spectacular to mention is the roof construction, which follows the path of the sun and has a few more surprises in store. Its light comes from two skylights to the north, which consist of horizontal bands in the shape of eyelashes and protect the interior of the building from direct sunlight. To the south, it gently hugs the façade, revealing further openings that provide a view of the Boston skyline – a unique experience that allows all passengers to see this radiant silhouette spread out before them.

Equally sensational is the roof’s exclusive color scheme, “Boston Red”: a prismatic color developed by Luis Vidal in the Swiss laboratories of Monopol Colors. Depending on the sunlight, it varies from an intense shade of red, soft orange tones to radiant golden tones of the Boston sunset. Captivating and breathtaking at the same time.
In addition, Monopol Colors was able to supply two color tones for the façade: an anthracite grey with black stripes in jet black.
This created a strong yet harmonious architectural statement: the striking red roof and the grey-black façade. The “Boston Red” sets the roof apart as the towering part of the building, while the grey-black façade provides an elegant and colorfully appropriate contrast.

Terminal E has been called a masterpiece of architecture for good reason, combining modernity with functionality and sustainability, crowned by an aesthetic that offers travelers a unique experience and truly sets new standards for airport operations, and not just in Boston.

Diisocyanates – Mandatory training for industrial or professional use in the EU

The 2020 European Union Regulation on the safe use of diisocyanates requires all industrial or professional users to undergo appropriate training from 24 August 2023.

Diisocyanates are contained in the hardeners of 2K-PUR coatings or stoving enamels and are essential in the drying and chemical cross-linking of these coatings. The following Monopol Colors products are affected: Hardeners H2, H3, H4, H8, H9, H61, H62, H310, H395, H411 as well as the fluoropolymer and PUR stoving enamels, which contain blocked isocyanates.

However, the obligation to provide training only applies to users in the EU area. Swiss users are not (yet) affected.

More detailed information on this can be found in the VSLF Association of the Swiss Paint and Varnish Industry factsheet (as of November 2022).

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