Excellent diploma ranking for Monopol Colors at the SVC-Prix

Although they did not make it all the way to the top, Managing Director Lionel Schlessinger and his team are mighty proud of their performance at this year’s Swiss Venture Club (SVC). Out of approximately 100 companies, Monopol Colors achieved an excellent diploma ranking. After the announcement of the awards, the pride on the faces of the whole team was clear for all to see. At the Congress Center in Basle Monopol Colors was awarded fourth place, along with three other companies, in front of around 1,000 invited guests.

«The Prix SVC allowed us to reflect on the past and gave us pause for thought. We realised that we have done a lot of things right», said Managing Director Lionel Schlessinger during an interview in a special edition of the Basle Newspaper (“Baslerzeitung”). This «look back» is important for two reasons: on the one hand to optimise our market presence, but on the other hand to be responsive to the employees and customers individually. Particularly in these special times, the nomination among the best six companies is further confirmation that we are on the right track. Creativity, flexibility and reliability are the cornerstones that will help Monopol Colors to survive in the fierce competition with global corporations in the future. 

The winner of the anniversary edition of the SVC Prix Nordschweiz (Northern Switzerland) 2021 was revendo AG from Basle. Like Monopol Colors, this company also makes a valuable contribution in terms of sustainability. After the official programme, the excellent fourth place was duly celebrated with an aperitif, and the party afterwards with the members and invited guests continued long into the evening.

Christmas greetings from Fislisbach

«Our relationships are the sum of their interactions». This is how the German poet and writer Patricia Welsh describes relationships. How important is personal interaction for all of us? For almost two years now, we have been asked again and again to keep social contacts to a minimum. Face-to-face interactions have become a luxury. Our lives monochrome. 

That is why we enjoyed this year’s Holi shoot with the motto «Show your Colors – regardless of your socio-cultural background, sexual orientation or material wealth» all the more. Life should be filled with color again.

Because one thing is clear: The year 2021, which is drawing to a close, has once again shown us how much we miss social contacts. For the New Year, we wish you and your loved ones more closeness and more colors in your lives again. Thank you for your optimism and your loyalty. 

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