Create your own colors in the ColorLab – inspired by Luis Vidal

Design your personal and unique color of choice in our ColorLab – inspired by Luis Vidal, the creative architect behind the new Terminal E at Logan Airport in Boston. The exclusive prismatic red color, personally designed, protected and only available via him.

Terminal E at Boston Airport will become an iconic hub for international air travel. In 2017, luis vidal + architects was awarded the contract, to modernize the 44-year-old international flight terminal in a visionary and conceptual building. The new terminal was opened in August 2023, and its unique architecture was celebrated in advance. Monopol Colors also helped to bring its Colors into play.

Future travellers flying through Boston Logan Airport or entering the country will be impressed by the spatial clarity, intuitive orientation and the impressive use of color. Particularly spectacular is the construction, which follows the course of the sun and has a few surprises in store. Two skylights in the north, designed in the shape of eyelashes, protect the interior from direct sunlight. In the south, it opens up and provides a unique view of the Boston skyline – an experience that leaves all passengers with a radiant silhouette.

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The exclusive “Boston Red” roof, a prismatic color by architect Luis Vidal, developed in the Swiss laboratories of Monopol Colors, is equally fascinating. Its color varies depending on the sunlight, from intense red to soft orange to the radiant golden tones of a Boston sunset. This color change is both captivating and breathtaking. It is therefore clear that this color is reserved exclusively for Luis Vidal.

Monopol Colors also contributed two shades for the façade: an anthracite grey with jet-black stripes. The result is a strong and harmonious architectural statement: the striking red roof and the grey-black façade. The “Boston Red” emphasises the roof as a prominent part of the building, while the grey-black façade provides an elegant and color-coordinated contrast.

Terminal E is not called an architectural masterpiece for nothing, as it combines modernity with functionality, sustainability and an aesthetic that offers travellers a unique experience. It truly sets new standards for airport operations, and not just in Boston.

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