Monopol Colors makes a strong statement of solidarity

Monopol Colors is proud to support this year the inspiring project “Chai of Hope” by Cup of Color. The collaboration is for us more than just a partnership; it is a commitment to use the power of color and creative expression as a wonderful way to help people to help themselves.

Trust, empathy and confidence are the basics of our commitment at Cup of Color. These keystones are building a unique platform, where people come together to paint houses together with their residents or even entire communities. Painting together goes beyond the creation of works of art – it creates something beautiful and at the same time, it releases new energy.

Cup of Color is a wonderful source of inspiration that not only embellish external spaces, but also may start an interior transformation. Monopol Colors appreciates the opportunity to contribute to self-help and to self-healing by creative processes. The colors that are applied to the façades act as ambassadors of trust, empathy and confidence.

The fascinating project “Chai of Hope”, which we actively support, was realised in Kolkata (India) in November. The enquiry came directly from India, with the aim to design a building together with women and children. The central idea behind this project is the conviction that beauty and interpersonal relationships are fundamental to the well-being of every human being. The colourful creation of images not only serves to an aesthetic enrichment, but also generates hope, strengthens the community and helps people to overcome traumatic experiences.

The project units people with different backgrounds who want to create together something positive. The painting of houses thus becomes a symbol of community and cohesion. It is fascinating to see how through artistic activities not only colors are applied but also relationships between people are developing.

Monopol Colors is delighted to contribute significantly to a project that not only leaves colourful traces on façades, but also in people’s hearts. The combination of art and community spirit shows that creative projects not only embellish the environment, but may also strengthen relationships. This kind of projects are bringing hope and optimism into the world. You can find out more about Cup of Color and the specific project “Chai of Hope” at

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