Monopol Colors provides direct support in Ukraine

In March, Swiss Solidarity, in cooperation with SRG (Swiss Radio and Television Company), appealed for donations for the victims of the war in Ukraine. The war also touched the team at Monopol Colors in Fislisbach. The employees showed solidarity with the suffering Ukrainian population and collected money. To date, over CHF 2,000 has been collected. This amount will be rounded up to CHF 6,000 by Monopol Colors. After a few discussions, a recipient was found. The bridge was built by the trainee Olha Shostak.

Olha Shostak was born in Ukraine and is studying chemical engineering with a focus on paints and varnishes at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. She recently completed a practical semester at Monopol Colors. Today she is writing her bachelor’s thesis. But her thoughts also keep wandering back to her home country. The Ukrainian recently gave a first-hand account of the situation in Ukraine. This did not leave the minds of Monopol Colors cold either. For example, she talks about how her mother fled to Poland and how her father and brother were not allowed to leave the country to serve. With her report, she does not want to create pity, but to draw attention to the catastrophic situation of the civilian population, who – as is unfortunately so often the case – have to suffer the consequences of politics.

Olha Shostak herself ensures that the donation is used in the right place. She is in contact with a woman in the greater Kyiv area who provides direct aid: The woman organises medicine and food for the needy population, which she then distributes in hospitals and schools.

Even if this donation is only a small consolation for the great misery in the war zone, the Monopol Colors team would like to show solidarity and make a contribution to alleviating the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. Monopol Colors wishes Olha Shostak and all those affected and their families much strength in this difficult time.

Monopol Colors East Africa with new product  

Monopol Colors is known for its customised solutions. While the company has specialised in metallic and plastic substrates for many years, there are also other application areas in which Monopol Colors’ specialist know-how is used. For example, the company has been approached by some clients in Kenya for solutions to protect walls and ceilings. The Monopol Colors East Africa laboratory team was able to develop Monomatt Emulsion in a very short time and successfully introduce it to customers in Kenya.

Monomatt Emulsion is a water-thinnable acrylic paint with excellent covering power. It is convincing, among other things, because it is easy to apply. In addition, the porous nature of the film allows the coated surfaces to dry quickly. Monomatt Emulsion is pigmented without lead and thanks to the fungicidal formulation, the growth of mould is prevented. It is applied directly to cement, bricks, plaster and soft boards. However, Monomatt Emulsion offers even more advantages.

It is:

  • robust against wear and tear;
  • looks as freshly painted over the years;
  • and is very washable.

The successful market launch took place at the beginning of 2022. Fortunately, an output of almost 2,000 20-litre buckets per month is already planned. A complete success!

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