New Colors for Bus Station in Arth-Goldau

In spring 2020 our customer Prefa Schweiz AG received an enquiry from the firm of architects Kamm Architekten AG to redesign the bus station in Arth-Goldau. The objective was to change the color from pink to green-grey. Together with the certified color designer Angelika Walthert and the façade constructors Gerber & Gadola Fassaden AG, they met in the Color Lab. There the architects spent a fruitful day mixing colors.

One of the challenges was to give the soffits of he bus station a coil coating and the slats of the kiosk a spray coating. In actual terms, this means getting the shades to change color. This was another challenge, especially with regard to the application method and the resulting different layer thicknesses. It was only thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation that it was possible to come up with a suitable solution here as well.

Due to the change in timetable for the Swiss railway network on December 13, 2020, the deadline was relatively tight. Only thanks to the professional efforts of everyone involved was the project successfully completed in less than six months – from the day in the Color Lab to the last dash of color.

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