Product list

32,000 paints for architecture, construction and industry

AQUAPOL® G551Top Coat water dilutable
ARMIDUR® L150Polyester Primer
BILACRYL® PU C1602C PUR Primer and Filler
BILACRYL® PU D11/D31/D412C-PUR Top Coat
BILACRYL® PU D12 2C-PUR Top Coat Textured
BILACRYL® PU D16C-PUR Top Coat Textured, alcohol resistant
BILACRYL® PU D34 / D442C-PUR Top Coat, Metallic, satin matt
BILACRYL® PU D611 2C-PUR Top Coat, water dilutable gloss
BILACRYL® PU HS D311 / D331 / D3412C-PUR High Solid Top coat
BILADUR® EP D2512C-EP Top coat, gloss, satin gloss, self-forming structure
BILADUR® EP D2552C-EP Clear Coat gloss, satin gloss, texture
BILAFLOOR® D6512C-EP Floor and Wall Paint, water dilutable
Diluent V1 Thinner
Diluent V101 Thinner
Diluent V102Thinner
Diluent V109Thinner
Diluent V115 Thinner
Diluent V129Thinner
Diluent V16 Thinner
Diluent V2Thinner
Diluent V3 Thinner
Diluent V42 Thinner
Diluent V54 Thinner
Diluent V885Thinner
DUOPLAST® U231/U241/U251/U2612C-PUR Top Coat
DUOPLAST® U232/U242/U2522C-PUR, Textured Top Coat (self-forming)
DUOPLAST® U234/U244/U254/U2642C-PUR Top Coat metallic
DUOPLAST® U265/U255/U245/U235Clear coat gloss/silky gloss/silk flat/flat
DUOPLAST® U50Plastic Filler
DUOPLAST® U550Plastic Filler waterdilutable
DUOPLEX® HS PU D191 / D1932C-PUR Coating
DUOPOL® EP D253 2C-Epoxy Micaceous Iron Oxide Paint
DUOPOL® PU D81 / D842C-PUR Top Coat
DUOPOL® PU E61 Steelcolor2C-PUR One-coat paint, satin matt
DUOPOL® PU E61 Steelcolor Plus2C-PUR One-coat paint, satin matt
DUOPOL® Steelguard C80High Solid Epoxy Primer, fast-drying
DUOPOL® Z602C-EP Zinc Dust Primer
DUOPOL® Z60L2C-Epoxy zinc rich primer "Light"
Hardener A Hardener
Hardener B Hardener
Hardener C Hardener
Hardener H100Hardener
Hardener H2 Hardener
Hardener H200Hardener
Hardener H3 Hardener
Hardener H300Hardener
Hardener H310 Hardener
Hardener H4 Hardener
Hardener H400 Hardener
Hardener H411 Hardener
Hardener H481 Hardener
Hardener H550 Hardener
Hardener H61Hardener
Hardener H631 Hardener
Hardener H8 Hardener
Hardener H80 Hardener
Hardener H9 Hardener
Hardener H90 Hardener
Hardener Y Hardener
MONOCLEAN® X1Waterbased cleaner
MONOCLEAN® X400Wax Emulsion, GRM-Quality
MONOCLEAN® X500 und X510System for Removal of Graffiti
MONOCRYL® HS G133Micaceous Iron Oxide Paint, High Solids
MONOFER® G101 / G107Synthetic Resin Top Coat
MONOPUR® F2373One-pack PUR zinc dust primer, humidity-setting
MONOWAX® X405Wax Emulsion, GRM-Quality
NEOLIN® F700Anticorrosive Primer, water dilutable
PRIMOPOL® E311/E315/E321/E331cellulose lacquers
PROTOFER® DSAnticorrosive Paint
PROTOPOL® F50 Reaction Primer
PROTOPOL® F80 Anticorrosive Primer
QualiProtec® Abrasiv E Abrasive Cleaner for Eloxal
QualiProtec® Cleaner AAlkaline Cleaner for coatings
QualiProtec® Cleaner BAbrasive Cleaner for coated surfaces
QualiProtec® Cleaner LSMild acidic cleaner
QualiProtec® Cleaner NNeutral Cleaner
QualiProtec® Cleaner NE Neutral Cleaner for Eloxal
QualiProtec® Cleaner SAcidic Cleaner for Eloxal
QualiProtec® Filidur Q210Filiform Corrosion Protection
RESIPOL® Compact All-in decorative Corrosion Protection Paint
Special Cleaner V121Special Cleaner, water-based
VERNICRON® CCFluorpolymer Coil Coating Top Coat
VERNICRON® FPOne-coat Stoving Enamel, GSB-Quality
VERNIDUR® AC 2C-PUR for brushing and spraying
VERNIDUR® AC D433 2C-PUR Micaceous Iron Oxide Finish
VERNIDUR® AC D4342C-PUR Metallic Finish
VERNIDUR® AC D441 2C-PUR Finish, satin matt / matt
VERNIDUR® AC D444 2C-PUR Metallic Finish, Satin matt / Matt
VERNIDUR® FP D471 - D494 2C-Fluoropolymer Paint
VERNIDUR® HS FP11 - FP452C-Fluoropolymer Paint, brushing and rolling application
VERNIT® EP C400Epoxy Primer, Lead and chromate free
ZIMO® K1Zinc Rich Primer