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The aluminium façade, approximately 20 years old, had never been thoroughly cleaned. The consequence: algae and lichen had taken hold on the north and west façades, the paint was affected and worn away on the roof areas.

Pre-treatment: Pre-washed with sponge and brush to remove as much greenery as possible, then rinsed with clean water and and the area worked over with Qualiprotec Cleaner Abrasive B, Qualiprotec Cleaner N, and the white façade pad. Finally the façade elements were rinsed with pressure washers, then leathered, dried and the seams and edges dried with pressurized air. Renovation: Particular attention was paid to those façade components where the surfaces were badly affected and roughened. The surface was therefore carefully sanded with graded abrasives and a double application of fluoropolymer paint to achieve an even result and a highly functional façade – for years to come.

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We have a sixth sense for colors.

We have a sixth sense for colors.