Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart winds its way 47 metres upwards like a double helix. The unique façade of steel, sheet metal and glass reflects the innovative power, solidity and timeless design of the oldest car brand in the world. The new landmark was designed by UNStudio. Thanks to our Color Design, Mercedes-Benz is using Monopol Colors for their silver worldwide, including for Formula 1.

Picture © Christian Richters, Münster/Germany

Competences in this project

In the new Color Lab at Monopol Colors you mix your own pigments, powders, and pastes, with the support of our color designers and technicians, for as long as it takes to get your own perfect color. Reserve your creative day in our Color Lab now: telephone +41 56 484 77 77. Here are a few of the architects who have already created their own colors with us:

Raindrops on a lotus leaf – the water just rolls off. A fried egg in the pan – it slips off the Teflon without sticking. This is exactly how our Lumiflon fluoropolymer coatings work: they repel water, dirt particles do not adhere to the surface, moss and lichen cannot gain a foothold. The paints of the Vernicron FP premium line will protect your metallic façade for years, without losing gloss or color. This has been proved by the Florida test, the toughest paint testing system in the world.

  • AAMA 2605 with 10 years of Florida exposure
  • Wetting angle up to 100°
  • For coil coating, and application with spray, roller and brush
  • Technology based on Lumiflon


Lionel Schlessinger:
+41 56 484 77 77

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Sampling and tests

Sampling and tests

«Wafflers and fools don’t last long in our company.»

Daniel Wehrli – Key Account
Don`t cover up, color up

Don`t cover up, color up

The Coolest White

The Coolest White

A top-performance paint that cools down entire cities.