Motorex Tank Renovation

In 1917 Arnold Bucher started manufacturing the leather and floor care products Rex. To accommodate the increasing popularity of motor vehicles, business focus was shifted and Rex became Motorex, the Oil of Switzerland. Today Bucher AG exports Motorex to around 80 countries. The most recognizable feature of this Swiss lubricant manufacturer is the rich green that appears throughout their corporate identity. Giesser AG of Langenthal renovated the striking tanks with the Qualiprotec system: after treatment they look as good as new and are optimally protected against wind and weather. Basic and periodic cleaning operations are now hardly ever necessary.

  • Against faded and weathered metallic surfaces
  • No dismantling, no assembly
  • Roller and spray application
  • Fewer periodic cleaning operations
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Expected lifespan of over 20 years

Competences in this project

Nature and civilization leave their mark: many metallic façades are weathered, mossy and chalked – not a pretty sight. After renovation with Qualiprotec they shine like new again and are optimally protected for the next 20 years. Because Qualiprotec is not a product but a well-conceived system. The success formula is: four-month-test + façade cleaning + application of fluoropolymer paint + ten-year guarantee = maximum satisfaction. A pleasant side effect: after the renovation, basic and interval cleaning is needed far less often so you save good money!

  • Metallic façades
  • Renovate rather than replace
  • Fluoropolymer technology
  • Against smog, UV, moss, fungi and graffiti
  • 10-year guarantee and 20-year expected lifespan
  • Fewer interval cleaning operations

Raindrops on a lotus leaf – the water just rolls off. A fried egg in the pan – it slips off the Teflon without sticking. This is exactly how our Lumiflon fluoropolymer coatings work: they repel water, dirt particles do not adhere to the surface, moss and lichen cannot gain a foothold. The paints of the Vernicron FP premium line will protect your metallic façade for years, without losing gloss or color. This has been proved by the Florida test, the toughest paint testing system in the world.

  • AAMA 2605 with 10 years of Florida exposure
  • Wetting angle up to 100°
  • For coil coating, and application with spray, roller and brush
  • Technology based on Lumiflon

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Ground-breaking products

Ground-breaking products

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We enhance and protect assets.

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