Show your Colors! Holi Photo Shoot at Monopol Colors

The Holi Festival is an Indian spring festival from the Hindu tradition. In Hindu mythology it represents the triumph of good over evil and in nature it is the victory of spring over winter.

Today it is also known as the ”Festival of Colors”.  This is the day when all barriers based on caste, age, gender or social status are remov

The Festival – inspired by our subsidiary in India – has also found favor with Monopol Colors in Switzerland and our employees. This was the third time that the Festival took place at Monopol Colors – with a special innovation.

This year, customers and architects also took part, along with 16 members of staff. For several hours the participants were on an equal footing. Dyed powder, called Gulal, was thrown about and people were dancing like crazy.  Still today rumours are going round amongst those who took part that, even after taking several showers, paint residues are still being discovered in seemingly unreachable places.

Painting and Rolling at over 50 metres up – and free-floating

At the Auhafen tank farm in Muttenz, 530,000 m3 of products are stored in 134 stand tanks. The steel tank coatings are subject to weather-related ageing and corrosion and have to be renewed after several decades. This is where Monopol Colors come into play, along with the brothers Blerim and Burim Rashiti from the MK Team.

The brothers have recently refurbished several tanks in lofty heights at TAU, the Auhafen tank farm in Muttenz. The objective is to carry out tank renovations as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

In summer, tanks get incredibly hot in direct sunlight. Coatings have to be applied against the sun’s rays in order to carry out qualitative and visually flawless work. For Blerim Rashiti, working from a free-hanging rope has several advantages over a hanging scaffold. “Working from a rope, I am more flexible. When it is hot, I can find shade within a few seconds by looping the rope to the other side.”

For this renovation work, using roller application, Hempaprime Multi 500 from our partner Hempel was used as primer, and the coating was our 1C High Solid Micaceous Iron Ore Paint Monocryl G133.

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