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We are an independent Swiss company which works on simple principles: If you are satisfied, then so are we. Of course, as a company we want to make money. But not at any price. We place great value on treating both people and materials with due care. Since our company was established in 1947, ethics have been a part of our corporate culture: attentiveness, care and responsibility are important values at Monopol Colors. That is why we develop water-based and solvent-based paints with high solids content. Our paints are used around the globe. Famous architects trust our competence and products just as listed corporations do. That says something about the innovative strength of a family company, don’t you agree?

Behind our know-how are our employees, no: people of flesh and blood. With very varied opinions, cultures and skin color. But they all have one thing in common: they live colors! This diversity is present in every container that leaves our factory by lorry, and is the most precious component of our paints. Get to know some of the people behind Monopol Colors a little better:

We embellish and protect.
Because we appreciate our own history and the efforts of our employees, our mindset and approach are committed to sustainable development:

  • We want to be a healthy, independent enterprise.
  • Long-term growth is more important than short-term profit maximization.
  • We treat people and materials responsibly.
  • Employees further the company, the company furthers the employees.
  • We promote safe and social working and production conditions.
  • We comply with recognized standards and set new ones.
  • We take care of the environment.

We are the center of excellence for paints.

  • We encourage an open-minded company culture.
  • We offer cutting-edge products.
  • We do everything in our power for maximum customer satisfaction.

Monopol AG
Oberrohrdorferstrasse 51
5442 Fislisbach

Phone +41 56 484 77 77
Fax +41 56 484 77 99

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Typically Swiss

Because achieving quality is never easy, our coating materials go through rigorous approval tests before they are put onto the global market. And as a company Monopol Colors also undergoes certification on a regular basis. A typically Swiss approach.

ISO Certifications

International professional associations

  • GSB International
    Annual checking of coating systems for aluminium (building components)

Swiss professional associations



Production site in Nairobi

We enhance and protect assets.

We enhance and protect assets.

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Production site in Mumbai