Thanks to Qualiprotec: Rohde & Schwarz façade appears in new splendor

The headquarters of the Munich-based company Rohde & Schwarz was built 50 years ago. The weathered façade was completely renovated 15 years ago using a colorless acrylate coating. Due to the weathering by sun and rain, not only the façade but also the color tone has been severely affected: the façade was dull, matt and chalked. It was clear that, in this condition, it no longer met Rohde & Schwarz’s standards.

At the beginning of the year, together with the painting firm MALPO Munich, we received the order to renovate, in a first step, almost 4,000 m2 with the help of our Qualiprotec system. The Qualiprotec system consists of three stages: First, there is a façade check. Here, trained specialists take a close look at the metallic surfaces. In a second step, a simulation of the renovation is tested on a warranty area for about four to six months – including an assessment. This involves testing 1:1 conditions such as frost, humidity, light and UV radiation. Then comes the actual renovation. This begins with a thorough pre-treatment: the coating is cleaned or sanded, later the surface is primed with Qualiprotec-Korrgrund and finally top-coated with Qualiprotec-Re-Vitaliser. A high-performance lacquer based on modern fluoropolymer technology is used for the coating. The special feature of this lacquer is its hydrophobic properties: Water beads off here at 100 degrees, moss and dirt particles do not adhere. Façades renovated with this method not only remain protected for more than 20 years, but also require less frequent cleaning.

This procedure was also successfully implemented in Munich from April to October. The old coating was pre-treated using a special cleaner and a red pad. Afterwards, 1 x 40 micron of Qualiprotec Korrgrund Q220 in RAL 5007 was sprayed on and the next day 1 x 30 – 35 micron of the silk-gloss fluoropolymer top coat was applied with Qualiprotec Q331 in the original RAL 5011. The result is impressive: Today, the façade shines like new again and will retain its prestigious quality for the next 20 years.

Monopol Colors striving for the SVC Prix

When the jury awards the Swiss Venture Club (SVC) prize on November 25, 2021, numerous employees of Monopol Colors will be sitting in the audience in Basle, keeping their fingers crossed for their company. Out of over a hundred companies, Monopol Colors was selected by a jury of experts as one of the six finalists for this year’s award.

In a lengthy nomination process, the companies faced several questions from a catalogue of criteria devised by the SVC. The SVC’s goal is to link up SMEs from all sectors and regions. It is not possible for the companies themselves to apply for a nomination for the SVC Prix. This is handled by a jury of several members with different attributes: they are independent, firmly anchored in the respective region and take a practical approach to the job.

Overall, the companies are judged according to 12 selection criteria. These include the uniqueness of the «value proposition», the concrete proof of performance and the attractiveness of the market position. In addition, the enterprise, its sustainability, innovation concept and regional anchorage are also considered in the evaluation. The intention is to include a mixture of soft and hard factors in the decision.

After several hearings, both in writing and in person at the Monopol Colors headquarters in Fislisbach, things were quiet for a long time. Then, in the summer, all of a sudden the definite acceptance arrived. From then on it was clear: Monopol Colors had made it into the top six companies. Eventually, on September 14, a 22-member jury visited our company. For one hour, each nominated company was given the chance to present itself in the best light. Now it’s time to keep our fingers crossed and hope that on November 25 we will hear: «And the winner is… Monopol Colors!»

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