Vaastu – what else?

In constructing the new production facilities in Patalganga, we at Monopol Colors are not only considering the geological and planning factors, but also the Indian science of Vaastu.

Vaastu is based on theoretical and philosophical ideas: the aim is to create harmony in buildings and rooms which will benefit those living in and using the rooms.

According to Vaastu, buildings should be constructed in harmony with nature, similarly to Feng Shui. Vaastu is a recognized branch of science in India. Historians date its origins to between 7000 and 6000 years before Christ. The science that Monopol Colors is using in its factory is therefore an ancient one, which will be further intensified in the future.

We are being advised at the planning stage by the Vaastu master Melind Batakh. He will ensure that the new building is erected in the right position, with the correct ratio of height to width, and facing in the right direction. The aim is to ensure balance and to provide positive support to people in their activities.

The five elements of earth, fire, sky, water and space (ether) serve as the main basis for decisions on building. But the weight of the machines and the resulting oscillation were also taken into explicit consideration in the planning.

What at first seemed exotic to us – as rational thinking Swiss – has since absolutely convinced us. We believe that including Vaastu in our plans allows us to show the local customs and conditions the respect they deserve. Ultimately, our efforts are for the benefit of our most important asset: our employees.

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