Weil am Rhein Shopping Center– «Searching for a color that doesn’t exist»

Now the shopping centre in Weil am Rhein shines in a subtle shade of gold, a color developed in the Monopol Color Lab. Yvonne von Salm, an architect at the international architecture firm of Chapman Taylor, wanted to find “a color that doesn’t exist”. The task was to develop a shade of gold that would appeal to her, the clients, and the town of Weil am Rhein. Not an easy task, which is why the color was adjusted several times before it was finally approved.

Another challenge was to combine the two processes of spray painting and coil coating so that the center would radiate the same color both inside and out. In other words, certain parts had to be coil-coated and others spray-painted. And the result is certainly something to behold: the perforated sheet facade shines in a strong but subtle gold, which gives the building a sense of lightness both inside and out. This was also observed by the guests who attended the opening of the shopping temple at the end of September 2022, after almost four years of construction.

Today, this superb center – with over 16,500 square metres of shopping space, 12 restaurants, 70 shops and a fitness center – shines in a shade of gold that is unique. In addition to the remarkable façade with its perforated metal panels, the two interconnected structures with large glass fronts also characterize this exceptional architecture.

The shopping mall expects to welcome guests from Germany, France and Switzerland, hence the name «Dreiländergalerie» (Three Nations Gallery).

Lionel Schlessinger makes room for younger generation at VSLF

In Interlaken, the Annual General Meeting of the Association of the Swiss Paint and Varnish Industry (VSLF) unanimously elected Philipp Bosshard, Managing Director of Bosshard-Farben AG, as the 15th President of the Association. He succeeds Lionel Schlessinger, who resigned from the presidency after nine years and stepped down from the association’s board, of which he had been a member for 20 years.

Through his tireless commitment to the association, Lionel Schlessinger has contributed significantly to the quality and good reputation of the industry, for which he deserves immense thanks. Accordingly, he was unanimously elected honorary member of the VSLF to great applause.

Panel discussion (f.l.t.r.): VSLF Honorary Member Lionel Schlessinger; Dr. Gerhard Pfister, National Councillor and «Die Mitte» Party President; VSLF-Director Matthias Baumberger; Philosopher Ludwig Hasler; VSLF President Philipp Bosshard

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