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Gelsenwasser Drinking Water Suppliers

Once upon a time, Gelsenwasser was a small, regional operation. Today, 125 years after its foundation, Gelsenwasser is one of the largest drinking water suppliers in Germany – a company with international operations in water, sewage and energy.

The façade of the head office in Gelsenkirchen was faded and chalked, so «Qualiprotec» Façade Renovation from Monopol Colors was called for. Pre-treatment: façade surfaces were rinsed with water, cleaned with Qualiprotec Cleaner N and white façade pad, washed again with water, surfaces sanded and rinsed again. Renovation: roller application, since spraying would have been too time-consuming.

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Spot-repair case

Spot-repair case

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We have a sixth sense for colors.

We have a sixth sense for colors.